The Rehersal - Annika Eriksson

The project takes the form of an open rehearsal, starting with the first encounter between four actors, and a for them, unknown script. Tested out, rehearsed and finally performed, the script is an open text which demands negotiation in real time; it gives no instructions about location, character place or time whilst outlining a scenario of social collapse.

Annika Eriksson is a pioneer of the artistic tendency to place real situations and social interactions at the centre of project-oriented and performative art, which became more and more prominent in the 1990s. At the core of her artistic practice is an interest in social interaction: how do we live together, what kind of societies do we create, and what happens in the margins or in the transition from one social order to another. Besides the documentation of real occurrences, Eriksson employs in her projects increasingly the concept of staging and narration, and thematises often the public, urban space as a setting for social processes and upheavals; that reflects the conventions as well as differences and conflicts in the social interaction and in the idea of the collective.

Recent exhibitions and projects by Annika Eriksson include ANIMAL, Tate Liverpool; Cat Portrait and Other Works, Kunsthall Oslo, 2018; The Social, Moderna Museet Malmö, 2017; Hamlet, Künstlerhaus Stuttgart, co-curated with Fatima Hellberg, 2016; In Preparation for a Psychodrama, Public Art Agency, Stockholm, Something is here nothing is here (Horror), SITE Residency, BAC and Goethe-Institute Novosibirsk, 2015;  I am the dog that was always here (loop), 13th Istanbul Biennale, 2013. 

This project is supported by Bergen Kommune and takes place at Hordaland kunstsenter on the 31st of January 2020 at 18:00. ‘The Rehearsal’ by Annika Eriksson is curated and produced by Weekend Server.